What Happens During a Session?

Kirsten Steno og kunde afholder House-Coaching session
Before initiating the first session you will be asked to send:

4 Wall

- Introductory Exercise

I will ask you, one wall at a time, what you dislike. It is always easier to find what we dislike (the mind) than what we like (the heart).

Next, I use the Mirror of Self Tool which can help you realize, when you talk about items and walls in your home, that you are actually talking about yourself. Through this exercise, you will discover what is blocking your life from unfolding and miracles from happening.

When you say something negative about an object or the room itself, I want to ask you: “What if YOU were this room, this table, how would you feel?”. Here I look for limiting thoughts that we can dissolve together.

What are limiting thoughts and how do we let go?

They are our mental judgements or beliefs about a fact or a circumstance which limit our actions and life choices. When we dissolve them and turn the negative into positive, we can both act and create wonderful lasting changes in our lives.

To let go of limiting thoughts and to create a positive outcome, it is necessary to change the first thought about the circumstance.

The sequence: Circumstance-thought-feeling-action-result
Inspired by The Work, by Byron Katie: www.thework.com

Circumstance = a room
Thought: “My room is too small for me”.
Feeling: “I don’t want to live here”.
Action: The client does nothing about her room and becomes “homeless at home”
Result: No light, no cozyness, no happy images on the walls, no nice bed linen, no plants, no colors.

New thought: “My room has the perfect size for me to grow stronger and wiser”
New feeling: “I can use my creativity and choose to become happy in here”
New Action: The client goes to Pinterest and finds ideas for “tiny homes” and becomes creative
New result: A tiny home is made with love and intention and the client is happy – one day moving on to a larger place or moving in with a new love?

Det nye resultat efter House-Coaching session
Det nye resultat efter House-Coaching session
Det nye resultat efter House-Coaching session

The Difference Between Interior Design and House-Coaching

The vital difference between an interior designer and a House-Coaching session is the genuine empathy and trust between you and me. You must be willing to be courageously vulnerable, but the rewards are huge. When you eliminate frustrations and fears and find new compromises and creative ways to meet your personal needs, you will discover new truths to implement in your life and unlock your own creativity, making the process of finding creative design solutions and making purchasing decisions FUN!

The Design Proposal Process

Now that your heart is open to wholehearted creative decisions, I can begin with my part of the interior design proposal, which I usually prepare in my office, but sometimes on location at my client’s home (in DK).

Depending on the size of the service package you choose (see book a House-Coach) we offer:

  • Collage of inspirational ideas
  • House-Coaching tools for happy living
  • Hand drawn sketch or 3D rendering with measurements (which you provide)
  • Sometimes a budget and shopping list
  • Styling in your home or help to do the online shopping
  • Coaching during the process