House-Coaching™️ Services

Do you feel homeless in your own home, stuck and unsure of where you are going, afraid of regretting a purchase or making a “wrong” design decision? Is it difficult to compromise with your partner? Maybe you divorced and don’t know how to move on and you just want to find HOME! Whatever your situation, I can help you make confident decisions and begin your journey home to self-love – expressed in your home – with fun, creative, sustainable, and affordable solutions.

House-Coaching provides a bridge between interior design and empathetic coaching
We can fulfill ALL our human needs when we decorate without fear or doubt. I believe that our heart knows our most beautiful truths and that we can use our home to reach our full potential

The Strength and Purpose of House-Coaching

As an interior designer, I have often wondered why my clients could not make decisions about, for example, colors, the purchase of kitchens, furniture, wall decorations.

After becoming a certified life coach and applying these techniques, I know that when my clients want to decorate their homes, they can often experience fear about spending “precious time and money”, probably based on previous unsatisfactory experiences.

With coaching tools, my trained House-Coaches and I can help our clients to become both playful and brave! We unleash their own creativity so THEY can design a home that reflects THEIR values and THEIR version of joy, hope and love and open to living a life of deeper purpose.

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