Who am I?

If I am not my stories (and there are many, from living an adventurous life)?

If I am not my achievements (triumphs, failures, and everything in between)?

If I am not my roles in society (daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend, House-Coach, teacher, etc.)?

…. then, WHO am I? Kirsten Steno, born in Denmark in 1962.

I am a loving, empathetic, creative, funny, and sensitive soul, who daily aims to be an expression of love, a changemaker, a peacemaker, a restorer of hope and an inspiration to the people I encounter in person or online.

Kirsten Steno, uddannet House-Coach

What is my mission?

To make the world a better place for all to live, love and grow.

I honor my mission by combining 30+ years’ experience as a Scandinavian interior designer, the last 12 years adding the tools I learned as a Martha Beck Life Coach = House-Coaching. I have since mastered blending sustainable and aesthetical design with meeting human emotional needs.

I have decorated thousands of homes in Scandinavia and written 3 books: 2 in Danish and one in English with 70.000+ readers and these books have taken me around the world to share my purpose and passion.

Kirsten Steno, certificeret house-coach

HOW to share with the world?

When in 2015, I came back from a 2-year international book-tour (a book written in collaboration with BoConcept, a Danish design brand) I was happy to have had such an amazing experience of global understanding for my concept. But I was also deeply frustrated, because my audience would approach me with the same questions: “How can I become a House-Coach?” or: “How can I get House-Coaching in my home?” And the answer would always be: “I am sorry, you can’t – I am the only one and I only offer my service in Denmark!

I realized it was time to share my knowledge by educating other designers and architects. I decided to establish the House-Coaching Institute. It took two years to develop the pilot program with the help of thirteen volunteer designers and architects plus another three years to create an online-platform to train thirty international design professionals into becoming House-Coaches. They now provide this service online and in person (in seven different languages) in Europe, USA and Latin America.

My team and I have also designed an interior design online course – centered on human needs – for creative and empathic people, which is also the admission to enter the diploma course to become a professional House-coach.