The Educational Sector

Kirsten Steno, founder of the House-Coaching™ method, has created an international institute that offers further education for designers and architects, as well as a reporting module for creative entrepreneurs and life coaches, which gives access to the diploma program to become a House-Coach.

Quality education is one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Denmark is currently in the top ten countries that have met the most progress in achieving these goals. The House-Coaching™ Institute and Kirsten Steno, the Danish founder, have made these goals the cornerstone of our organization.

We seek partners within the education sector who believe that education, human centered home design and innovation go hand in hand.

Kirsten Steno tilbyder House-Coaching for uddannelsesinstitutioner

How to Understand the Emotional and Profound Purpose of an Interior Design Project?

We teach students how to find the emotional purpose of the project as well as the mental blockage that keeps the client from moving forward in their own creativity. Bridging interior design with life coaching techniques supported by the empathy of the designer or architect is what we call House-Coaching.

We believe that the interior design programs available are basically focused in teaching a lot about trends, styles, space distribution, styling and materials, but there is very little content that teaches how to approach a project from the human needs perspective and understanding why our clients are blocked and stuck when making design or purchase related decisions.

Our courses are also closely aligned with the teachings of sustainable design, as we are focused on “sustaining people” into a better life and reusing home design objects when possible.

For more information or for a free call about our courses and various events options, please contact our headmaster, Sisi Salamanca, or visit