Speaking and Workshops

I speak in churches and NGO organizations with the purpose of inspiring anyone with a skill, time, or love, to join me in helping those who are struggling and need joy, hope and faith in a better future!

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to reach out physically for two years, in a time when it was needed more than ever! Please contact me if you would like to collaborate with me or book an event in your organization: homeangel@kirstensteno.com.

"What if your neighbour is your soulmate" skilt
We had invited House-Coach Kirsten Steno, who gave a fantastic talk based on her latest book Home, Heart, Soul where she shared personal life stories and gave simple tools for interior design, where creating homes with deeper meaning was in focus.

The evening was characterized by an informal and light-hearted atmosphere, and we were guided to simple and creative solutions for how the home can reflect our values, and be furnished with what makes us happy so that the "soul can recharge" in the home. The PathFinder Vision Board was introduced and proved to be a very simple and useful tool to create change and well-being in one's home and life.

Kirsten managed to communicate in a fine and balanced way so that the message was relevant to both seekers and people in mourning. It is clear that she is passionate about people "finding their way home" and she communicates this in a lively, relevant, humorous and authentic way.

Many were touched by the stories of her Home Angel Ministry where she, driven by charity and empathy for the weakest in our society, helps enable them to create "a personal home" even in a few square meters, be it in shelters, institutions or small homes.

We all went home enriched and are already talking about planning a workshop for our Women’s, Men’s and Family Ministries to follow up on the processes set in motion on this fantastic evening!
- Linda M., Filippas Salon, Apostolic Church in Frederiksberg, DK
Our minds and hearts were opened that evening with House-Coach, Kirsten Steno, to the Holy Spirit's interest in our homes and in the Oasis we can all create. My take away from this was the phrase: "Because you are worth it!" In a world where you may not feel you are or have enough (money, talent or energy) to decorate the mantra became: Find that one pillow that makes you happy and buy it! We were enriched with many different tools that I have brought home to my husband to start our journey home together and turn our home into an oasis for both of us
- M.W., Participant at the Aarhus Constituency, DK