B2B Training

Working within the Home Design industry for more than 30 years, I know that people leave a company if there is no higher purpose with their work. Staff turnover is both draining and expensive!

Everybody loves to make a client happy, and money is simply the exchange currency we use. When we know how to connect on a deeper level with our clients and help them dissolve their fears and insecurity, they open up very fast to wholehearted buying decisions.

Therefore, to know how to implement House-Coaching techniques in the consulting and sales process is a win-win situation: your design consultants and sales associates get to love you for having such a meaningful job, your clients love YOUR brand because they feel seen and valued, EVERYONE make more profit for the right reasons… and the value you create is lasting!

Contact me for a 20 minute free online call, to find out how I can serve your brand, your staff and your customers in the best possible way.

Hos House-Coaching by Steno kan du lære at implementere House-Coaching i rådgivnings- og salgsprocessen
Through lectures and workshops Kirsten Steno has given our interior designers the tools to better be able to help the customers make the right decisions in choosing Kvänum products. It is important to us that our clients feel confident in the choices they make, and with the tools Kirsten Steno has given our interior designers, both customers and interior designers gain a peace of mind to do this.
- Joelina Løkke, Owner Kvänum
Kirsten worked for BoConcept in the years 2012-2015, where we together published a book on House-Coaching (home design infused with empathy and life coaching) which was used - both locally and internationally - to train our staff in the empathic sales techniques of House-Coaching and at customer events, where Kirsten's presentations gave us a new image among our customers and created deeper customer relationships. I highly recommend working with Kirsten, whose personal capacity is professional, and her positive outlook on life rubs off on both staff and clients.
- Kenneth Barsballe-Rasmussen, Retail Director BoConcept